/ 3 Types of Printing

3 Types of Printing

Here at 1Vision/ Eagle: xm producing high quality products is a top priority. We understand that the quality of the materials we produce reflects on the image of our clients. The wide range of clientele we serve makes it necessary for us to have expertise and equipment suitable to produce a variety of media types. We use three different types of printing to create custom products perfect for each individual client and their current need.


Digital Printing is a valuable way to create personalized direct marketing, print on demand, reduce inventory, save on short-run projects, achieve color consistency, and meet quick turnaround times. 1Vision is equipped with an HP 7500 digital press that prints the broadest and most accurate digital color spectrum on the market. This press will print on a variety of stocks and weights, allowing for a more custom product. The digital printing process allows us to deploy targeted direct mail programs, automated marketing, automated customer care initiatives, and web-based print on demand fulfillment solutions. Digital printing can be utilized for books, brochures, posters, postcards, invoices/ statements, service reminders, security notifications, and much more.


Offset Printing is the way to print when you are talking high to mid volume commercial, UV, and large format sheet fed printing. 1Vision’s offset press runs up to 15,000 impressions an hour while still maintaining the highest quality and color management. Using offset printing we are able to print on a wide range of substrates from onion skin to 24 point board as well as add flood, spot, soft touch, UV, and special effects coatings. This type of printing also allows us to provide top sheets for corrugated and other packaging applications.


Wide Format Printing allows us to print seamless images up to 10’6” by 200’. The wide format press can print on an extensive variety of fabrics, adhesive backed vinyls, specialty vinyls, and backlit materials with weights up to 18oz. This form of printing allows us to produce banners, signs, widow displays, wall displays, and much more. From point of purchase retail displays to complex trade show exhibits wide format printing is a valuable tool in getting the look and feel you want.

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