/ Map Printing: Benefits of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Paper

Now available in all U.S. markets, FSC certified papers are quickly making their way to becoming the industry standard. Why are people turning FSC substrates over others? It’s all about responsible map printing and making positive choices that safeguard not only the environment but the future of print and paper…

What Does it Mean to Be FSC Certified?

Founded in 1993 in response to illegal logging, forest degradation, and deforestation concerns, the Forest Stewardship Council offers customers access to sustainably produced, environmentally friendly paper options from sources across the globe. Composed of virgin tree fibers, FSC certified paper from well-managed forests can be just as earth-friendly as recycled options (although some FSC substrates are indeed recycled). FSC certified papers must follow a strict chain of custody from forest to manufacturer, merchant, and printer – all of which must be certified. Certified wood/pulp suppliers source wood without displacing native people and harming wildlife, working to protect the forest habitat against pollution and replenishing wood by planting more trees than are harvested. Now, with more than 27,000 certificate holders and 180,000-million hectares of forest, FSC papers are a global leader in ethically-sourced, environmentally sustainable wood.

Improving Sustainability Standards

A catalyst in improving forest management standards, FSC certification is backed by Greenpeace and the World Wide Fund for Nature. Instead of vague vocabulary, FSC certified sources must conform to rigorous standards. Independent evaluation through third-party auditors ensures proper chain-of-custody management. Forest management plans are required, carefully detailing logging scale and intensity, and long-term objectives for biodiverse tree renewal key.

There are 4 different FSC Standards & Corresponding Labels:

  • Which might work best for your business?
  • Substrates from 100% well-managed forests.
  • Recycled paper.
  • Mixed sources: Paper from a mix of well-managed forests.
  • Mixed sources: Pulp from well-managed forests combined with recycled content.

Does FSC Certified Paper Increase Project Cost?

A great alternative to the rough look and inconsistent texture of recycled paper, there are a number of FSC certified substrate options for environmentally aware consumers. Smooth and uniform, FSC certified papers for your map printing are now available at greatly reduced costs due to group certification options for participating printers, with pricing comparable to substrates of similar quality from forests that are not sustainably managed.

Want to Use FSC Certified Paper on Your Next Map Printing Project?

Consumers believe paper products play a large role in irresponsible forestry, thus the market for ethically produced goods continues to grow, providing a connection between the forest and the end-user (your customer). Research shows FSC certified products boost brand reputation, showcasing your business’ positive ethical and environmental buying decisions. Most importantly, the future of print and sustainable forestry are interdependent. Every day a million tons of paper is utilized globally – how will you ensure your future?

Not sure which FSC certified paper might be best for your upcoming project? Contact 1Vision to learn more about our wide array of earth-friendly FSC certified substrates today.


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Map Printing: Benefits of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Paper