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Vision Graphics/ Eagle:xm Services

1 – Vision Graphic’s Insite Portal (SFTP):  We provide all of our clients with this unique service feature.  This is a personalized and secured site for ease of uploading files and viewing high resolution proofs.  It also enables the client to download pdf’s and manage individual user access.  We also provide a secured/personalized ftp site for your convenience.

2 – Proofing of files & Graphic Design:  Vision Graphics is a GRACol 7 Certified Master Printer  – This unique feature provides color management and matching across multiple output segments.  For example, your digital poster will match the digital flyer, which will also match the conventional pocket folder and postcard, ensuring your campaign color message remains consistent on all materials.  Vision Graphics also has an In-house Graphics Design and Marketing Department.

3 – Stochastic Printing (Staccato):  All of our conventional printing presses utilize this printing dot pattern technology.  Compared to a traditional hex-dot system of 175 line screen (175 dots per square inch), the stochastic (continuous-dot pattern), increases to 350-400 dots per square inch, maximizing ink distribution and doubling the resolution.

4 – High quality print providers – Vision Graphics is a nationally recognized, award winning master printer and current provider of maps for the National Geographic Society.

5 – Full Service Mailing Facility – Vision Graphics / Eagle:xm is one of the largest mail facilities in the state.  We provide all functions and mailing capabilities, including data processing, Variable data output, data analytics, file management and daily delivery to The USPS.

6 – Full Service Digital High Resolution Provider – Vision Graphics / Eagle:xm is one of the only print providers in the region that offers in-house large format digital graphics output (up to 10 feet wide by 300 feet long) on a wide range of substrates with variable data file output.

7- In House Graphic Design Department

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