/ What is Your Marketing Strategy?

What is your marketing strategy? What are your goals and how effective are you at reaching those goals? What advertising channels do you use, and do you track results from each channel? How many qualified leads are you bringing in and what is your customer retention rate? 

The truth is that most companies do not have a defined marketing strategy, they use less than three advertising channels, and have a wealth of data that they do not know how to use. In fact, according to a 2019 survey by Outbound Engine, 86% of small and medium sized business owners prefer to focus their time and effort in other areas of the business rather than marketing. Most companies do not have the resources necessary to implement and manage a marketing program, and only focus on a few advertising channels to create brand awareness and lead generation. They also often post static content across all the channels.

The problem is that consumers are everywhere, the audience varies by channel, and consumers expect a personalized and consistent journey wherever they go. According to UC Today, 9 out of 10 consumers expect a seamless experience when interacting with a business no matter the channel they are using. Marketing automation software makes it possible for companies to give consumers that personalized journey and help create excellent interactions that retain customers. Companies with omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to customer retention rate of 33% for companies with weak omni-channel customer engagement. Repetitive marketing and sales tasks can be streamlined to nurture sales leads and send personalized marketing messages and content more effectively. Marketing automation allows users to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

There are a lot of marketing automation companies. What makes 1Vision special is the variable data printing and mailing capabilities empowering users to add personalized printed marketing collateral to their omni-channel marketing strategy. Direct mail combined with digital adds yield 28% higher conversion rates. The reason print works so well is that people are inundated with digital advertisements all day. Digital advertisements work, but adding print allows you to cut through the clutter and stand out with personalized 1:1 messaging directly to the prospect’s mailbox. Something they can hold and touch that is personalized to them will get their attention. Creating a seamless experience between multiple advertising channels and targeting customers on a 1:1 level can increase response rate by over 150%. 1Vision brings it all together with designing, implementing, managing, and reporting on your entire omni-channel marketing strategy. 

Download our Lookbook and see how you can create creative and enticing messages tailored to reach prospective clients at various stages in the buying cycle and get your message in front of the decision makers.


Tangible™ Marketing Automation

Tangible Marketing Automation™ by 1Vision Graphics is a data-driven, multi-touch point, creative solution perfect for your omni-channel marketing strategy. Nurture leads, measure ROI, and meet your sales and marketing goals with personalized strategies incorporating targeted digital marketing, traditional marketing, and direct mail. 

Tangible Marketing Automation (TMA) combines elements of traditional marketing like direct mail, dimensional mail, and print pieces like brochures and handouts, with digital marketing like inbound marketing and email marketing, in an automated process across your multiple channels. It allows you to reach clients where they are and cut through the clutter with personalized user journeys. Go to our Lookbook to see different types of projects that utilize TMA. 

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