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Our next generation marketing is the nexus of sophisticated technology and simple good manners. We design automated programs that enable right time dialogues between companies and consumers across the spectrum of digital and print channels. Whether you’re looking to automate key customer service communications or design a trigger-based marketing program, we offer the experience and the technology infrastructure to drive your business to new heights by delivering improved customer experience, increased sales and reduced operational expense Flexible design accommodates your specific requirements: Our solutions support short term campaigns OR institutionalized initiatives. We can develop the database that drives the solution OR respond to data received from your systems. Modular approach allows use of one OR all channels (voice, text, email, print).

How it’s done Our triggered communications retrieve transactional data from your existing databases or databases that we manage, then our system automatically reads the data, interprets the information, creates the proper message, then processes and delivers each individualized communication using print and digital channels. During the process, the business rules are applied, customer-specific content is injected, and tracking codes are included to measure program effectiveness.

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The Problem

This regional utility faced increasing call center activity due to service changes, government regulations and plant outages. Servicing costs were skyrocketing while the actual service levels had dropped. In addition, they were being penalized by the government for not being able to prove the proper documents were being delivered in a timely manner. This client wanted a seamless and cost-effective method to help increase customer satisfaction and comply with government regulations while reducing costs.

The Problem Generic

The Solution

We developed an automated trigger-based solution that delivered the proper communication to the customer without placing any additional workload on the client’s staff. First the Eagle:xm team created a uniform print and digital template that supported over 50 different communication packages ranging from thank-you letters to credit card billing change verifications to credits and coupon delivery. Next we constructed a data model using hundreds of current and historical variables to assign the specific type of content and personalize the communication. Leveraging our cross-channel platform we designed a strategy that enabled the most efficient channel to be used so that the customer received the communication within one day of their request. A web-based reporting tool was also created so that management could view relevant metrics.

The Solution Generic

The Impact

40% reduction in call center staffing 400% return on investment (ROI) on project investment 58% improvement in Customer Satisfaction scores Reduction in customer defections

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What Our Clients Say
They created a turn key acquisition solution, it’s automated and I don’t have to worry about it.
- Marketing Manager
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