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With years of expertise in the cartography industry, our diverse range of substrates printing and folding technologies, competitive pricing we’ll manage every aspect of your parks and recreation specialty map production. 

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Promotional Materials
We print your parks and recreation products and maps on various materials: waterproof and tear-resistant, glossy or matte, durable plastic, synthetic or heavyweight stock.
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Map Folding
With a 100% approval rating, our experienced map printing division has the knowledge and skills to provide a true map fold resulting in an eye-catching and functional finished product.
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Stochastic Screening Process
Utilizing 20-micron dots, our stochastic screening process gives our map printing clients the ability to include fine detail with very smooth, graduated screens.
Maps - Stochastic Screening Process
  • 1Vision utilizes the stochastic screening process in its print production, utilizing 20-micron dots. Our map-printing clients can include outstanding detail with very smooth, graduated screens.

  • From small, simple black and white maps to large and intricately colored foldouts, atlases, and books, finding the perfect color balance and registration on oversized sheets up to 28 by 40 inches is quickly done.

  • Our environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art press is a Komori G40 8-Color Perfector with Coater, and our GRACoL® 7 Certified Master Printer certificate offers impeccable color matching on a variety of printing stocks.

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Maps - Materials
  • Sterling Premium Matte & Glossy Coated Paper Stock: Available in 60 to 100-pound weights, the bright, crisp surface of Sterling Premium stock is an excellent choice for books or small, flat maps.

  • Synthetic & Printable Plastic Stock: The best of both worlds, synthetic and printable plastic substrates offer a surface similar to matte-coated stock for improved print quality. It's also moisture resistance and durability – no matter how many times a map is refolded.

  • Heavy Weight Stock: To prevent sagging on flat, wall-hung maps.

Map Folding
Don’t rely on a simple or substandard print shop for map folding techniques that mangle your specialty maps. Folded maps must be printed clearly and folded with very tight tolerances. Perfectly creased, the end-users can access and easily refold maps on the go. 1 Vision offers seven different folding machines with unique capabilities from accordion folds to cross folds and storied maps to match the perfect fold with each map we print.