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Digital Overview

New technologies have given companies the flexibility to print personalized, high-quality tangible pieces like flyers, business cards, direct mail, posters, and more at any volume, any time for a cost-effective price. The advantages of digital printing are:

  • Reduce Inventory Spoilage
  • Wide Range of Paper Stocks & Inks
  • Wide Range of Finishing Applications
  • HIPPA Compliant Secure Tracking for Direct Mail

Data Analytics

Whether it’s building a new database or leveraging your current data assets, we give you the power to “know more™” so you can engage with your targets and customers on a more personal level. Here are some examples of the data analytics services 1Vision offers:

  • Data Integration
  • Market / Customer Segmentation Character Count = 50
  • List Acquisition Character Count = 50
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Custom Database Development
  • CRM Implementation / Optimization
  • Campaign Results Analysis
  • ROI Analysis
  • Performance Modeling / Program Optimization
  • Database Hosting and Management

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Data Integration
Combine your digital and tangible marketing channels into a single reporting system. You can now measure, analyze, and manage your entire omnichannel marketing strategy through a single tool.
Synergy Program
Our Synergy program combined with marketing analytics empowers our clients with the capability of designing and launching their own digital and printed marketing campaigns while tracking both all in a single tool.
Data-Driven Approach
Using Synergy and our marketing expertise, we use all of the data to help you improve your marketing performance by identifying your target audience that drives your marketing goals.
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Check Out Our Work
We succeed when our clients succeed. We love our clients, and nothing makes us happier than sharing our successes. These are just a few of the ways we’ve brought our clients’ vision to reality.
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